30 January 1705

Dear Friend,
England is at war right now and reports of it are in the news often. The London Gazette reports the movements of both England’s forces and other nation’s forces. There are movements from armies on the ground and naval forces on the seas. Lately, England has had some
success in the war, winning battles and gaining ground. In honor of the success, a simple yet informal ceremony was held a theatre; Young Gentlemen and Noblemen recited verses, in celebration of England's victory and in praise of the Queen. Meanwhile Diplomats and
ambassadors hurry about, working on political matters. Queen Anne is busying making decisions too. The London Gazette reports how many subjects are pleased with their Queen and praise her often. Many officials titles are emphasized in this publication.

30 March 1705
Dear Friend,
The war rages on. Queen Anne and other politicians and officials are busy with England’s war efforts. She travels about and makes appearances from to time. The London Gazette has reported that Queen Anne has issued a new proclamation. She has declared that any English subject who dares to aid or enter France be without official permission shall be convicted of treason. England’s relations with France are not well; much Attention is being paid to them. Another of her recent deeds is the dissolution of a parliament and the creation of another. The Gazette also list a number of notices. There are many runaway apprentices and soldiers that are being sought. The war is expensive. There are often reports of bankruptcy and properties for sale. The is costing England much. Advertisements also feature books, series of published letters, a sermon of a pastor, and notifications of services. One quite lengthy noticed reported a proposal for recording the whole history of until from years far past to the present year. This projects dimensions and pricing have been proposed. Such a task that should be!

30 April 1705
Dear Friend
The war yet rages. There are reports of success of among Her Majesty’s fleets. Her majesty has traveled much as of late. The Gazette reports that Her Majesty has recently done the clergy some great service. She visited some vicars and curates in the neighborhood of Newmarket. She assisted less fortunate clergy at a time when they were unable to receive assistance from the Pope. Her subjects adore Her Majesty for these gracious deeds. They are grateful to her and to God, and wish her much more success in war efforts. Also, Her Majesty has recently attended taken something of tour of local institutions. At ceremony at a University she was well received. She graced her presence to school masters and students being recognized as physicians. She has visited a number of schools, knighted a Physician, taken dinner with school instructors. Many people were overjoyed to be permitted to meet and greet her. She concluded her tour by worshiping with the clergy at the last school she attended. Such a joy it was for all!

30 May 1705

Dear Friend,
The war is still going on. News of war and the effects of it are in the news every day. In spite of all turmoil, people are still have some small time for leisure. A popular playwright and architect named John Vanbrugh was recently constructed and opened at theatre in Haymarket called Queen’s Theatre. I hear that there is some tension between companies of actors about which theatre to perform at. An actor by the name and John Betterton and a company of his fellow actors switch on and off performing at different theatres. There are some wonderful productions on stage right now. I do urge you visit London and view a Performance and visit me, If you are able to do so. Please do write me when you are able.